Selected publications per year since 2020.


  1. Blood Adv.
    Spatiotemporal assessment of immunogenomic heterogeneity in multiple myeloma
    Maximilian Merz, Qiang Hu, Almuth Maria Anni Merz, and 8 more authors
    Blood Advances, 2023


  1. Nat. Commun
    Deciphering spatial genomic heterogeneity at a single cell resolution in multiple myeloma
    Maximilian Merz, Almuth Maria Anni Merz, Jie Wang, and 8 more authors
    Nature Communications, 2022


  1. Bioinformatics
    Bioconductor toolchain for reproducible bioinformatics pipelines using Rcwl and RcwlPipelines
    Qiang Hu, Alan Hutson, Song Liu, and 2 more authors
    Bioinformatics, 2021
  2. RNA Biol.
    Inhibition of CDK9 activity compromises global splicing in prostate cancer cells
    Qiang Hu, Ninu Poulose, Samuel Girmay, and 8 more authors
    RNA biology, 2021


  1. Nat. Commun
    Intron retention is a hallmark and spliceosome represents a therapeutic vulnerability in aggressive prostate cancer
    Dingxiao Zhang, Qiang Hu, Xiaozhuo Liu, and 8 more authors
    Nature communications, 2020